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celia shaheen سيليا شاهين

Community Workshops

Collaboration and community-building are at the heart of my teaching artist practice. Working with community partners, including museums and non-profits, offers opportunities to synthesize artmaking and relationship-building while prioritizing inclusion, cooperation, compassion, and participant empowerment.My lesson plans for community workshops tend to include a mixture of object-based learning (including slow looking, tactile learning, interpretation), artmaking, mindfulness practice, and centering identities in the learning/making space.All workshops are tailored towards your group’s goals, needs, and level of experience. 

Workshop areas + some possibilities:

Object-based learning in museum, gallery, and library settings:

-Collage, assemblage, and identity in contemporary art

-Food, ritual, and identity in contemporary photography

-Textiles as a tool of community-building and mending

-Exercises in alternative and expanded book cataloguing

Textiles workshops:

+for children

=for teens

~for adults

-Introductory needlefelting: dryer balls and landscapes~=

-Jewelry-making with scrap yarn+=~

-Introductory tapestry weaving+~ with found-object looms=~

-Working with an indigo vat: 1-2-3 and thiox/soda ash methods=~

-The Garden as a Space of Healing: Natural Dye and Eco-Printing=~

-Transforming Leftovers and Scraps: Natural Dyes to Reduce Kitchen Waste=~